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Listened to Grimmy’s breakfast show this morning and he was interviewing Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea and they were playing this game where Iggy had to answer questions about Rita and one of the questions was ‘who is Rita’s favourite member of One Direction?’ And Iggy was talking about how it was…


And sometimes the indie boy on the far left looks a little too in love with the boy that always wears oversized sweaters and hoping that one day he could be the one to supply him with them


@onedirection: @harrystyles is so excited for the LA shows we had to drag him off the stage

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#remember that interview where we got to watch foreplay bc i do


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Basically, Louis and Harry are the same person.


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Liam with the cast of Circus du solei


Harry goes in for a chest bump and gets a hug. Louis goes in for a bro fist and gets a twirl. 

#wiz khalifa goes in for nothing at all and gets a kiss

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niall and his mom at his 21st birthday party x/x

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Ball is Life - 16.9.14


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